Types of Siamese Cats

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Types of Siamese Cats

The image of a Siamese Cat can differ greatly from person to person, and that’s because Siamese cat varieties do indeed look quite different from one another! Because the Siamese has such a long history as a breed (originating in the Thailand around 1400s-1500s) they’ve developed many branches as a breed as they spread throughout the world.

The Siamese cat breed can be split into two main categories: Traditional and Modern. From there, each category is broken down into further groups based on color, stature and facial features (and often times personality).


Traditional Siamese cats (also called the “Thai cat”) are so named because their breed dates back to 1400 Thailand, where the first recorded Siamese cat can be found. Traditional Siamese are further broken down into three groups: Applehead, Classic and Old-Style.

1. Applehead

Applehead Siamese

Applehead Siamese

Applehead Siamese are aptly named due to their round, apple-shaped heads. They’re also stockier than most Siamese varieties and have smaller ears and longer, fluffier fur. They’re also distinguished by a slight dip on their nose that is more prominent when viewed from the side.

2. Classic (Old-Style)

Classic (Old-Style) Siamese

Classic (Old-Style) Siamese

Classic Siamese are distinguished by having a more elongated face than the Applehead and will often have that endearing cross-eyed look that so many of us think of when we imagine a Siamese. They also have larger ears and nose and are very athletically built.


When most people think of the Siamese cat, they’re thinking of the Modern Siamese. This variety is typically a bit slimmer than the Traditional Siamese and sometimes more white in color. Aside from varying coloration, Modern Siamese are classified as Wedge Siamese.

1. Wedge

Wedge Siamese

Wedge Siamese

Some people adorably call the Wedge Siamese “Wedgies” for short. These are the most extreme looking of the Siamese, and are very elongated all over. Perhaps most noteworthy are their headshape, which is shaped like a wedge and is very triangular. Their ears are typically lower on the head (closer to the face) than that of the Traditional Siamese and their eyes are more slanted. This breed of Siamese is most often used in shows, and they often have the most boisterous personalities, known for meowing very loudly.


Aside from physical stature and facial structure, Siamese cats can be further categories by coloring. The two main color categories are Dark-Colored and Light-Colored Siamese, which can then be further broken down into more specific patterns of coloration.

Dark-Colored Siamese

  • Red Point: This unique (and more rare) Siamese is marked by having dark crimson and orange shades to its fur, which contrasts greatly with its deep blue eyes.
  • Blue Point: Blue points have blueish-grey coloring all over them and piercing blue eyes.
  • Seal Point: Seal points are the darkest of the dark varieties, covered by dark brown to brownish-black markings. They’re so named because their coloring is similar to that of seals!

Light-Colored Siamese

  • Chocolate Point: As if they couldn’t get any cuter, chocolate points are a light shade of brown (like your favorite milk chocolate candy!).
  • Lilac Point: Lilac points are named after their soft, light grey with tones of pink coloring.
  • Cream Point: Cream points are lighter in color all over, but they do tend to darken as they get older.

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